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Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

We offer a specialist low cost Roof Cleaning process that will Clean, Protect, and Maintain a Clean Roof surface for longer.

Many problems with moss on older roof tiles are caused by weather and climate. Damp weather creates the perfect conditions for moss, algae and lichen to grow. The build up of moss on a roof not only looks unsightly, but can cause damage to the structure of the roof and damage the roof tiles. We do offer both services: Moss removal, or clean with pressure cleaning equipment. The roof will be subjected to a meticulous clean using our efficient pressure cleaning equipment to remove all dirt, moss, lichens and birds mess from your roof.

Within our roof cleaning service we offer full moss removal and fungicidal treatment. The fungicide will be applied once the roof has been cleaned and will kill any remaining spores. The application of the fungicide will also help protect against future moss, algae and lichen growth. After the moss has been completely removed, we would recommend an application of roof coating or roof sealer. This will make the roof tiles water resistant, reducing the risk of further moss growth.

How much does it cost to jet wash a roof?
We charge from £250. As each roof is different from it’s size, difficulty and the extent of the moss to be removed, we can only accurately price your roof from either a visit or by images.

Does jet washing damage roof tiles?
Experience and the correct equipment from a professional roof cleaner will result in no damage to your roof. However, roof tiles can be damaged by inexperienced operatives. Correct methods need to be used in accordance with the right pressure, the right water flow rate and types of lance nozzles. Inexperienced roof cleaners or those just starting out will use either too much pressure, the wrong nozzle or even go too close to the tiles with the lance.

Pressure Washing Damages Shingle Roof Tiles.
In many American states the properties are made up of mainly shingle roof tiles.
These shingles are cleaned by low pressure and chemicals. There is a misconception on the web between the UK and US about pressure washing damaging roof tiles which often is referred to shingles in the US and not concrete tiles.


Patio cleaning

Our main focus is ensuring very high levels of customer service and commitment to ensuring all our clients are 110% happy and satisfied with our work.

Jet washing is an effective method for quickly cleaning patios, driveways, garden paths and paving stones. Jet washing is also the perfect means to prepare hard  surfaces such as concrete or wood for refinishing or painting. Our equipment uses low-water consumption and no chemicals to quickly and effectively remove stains, accumulated dirt and grime, and weeds from paths and paving stones and will leave them and your patio looking fresh and clean. Our friendly experts will have your patio, driveway and garden area looking beautiful and well-maintained in just one visit.

We offer the very lowest rates available and we are confident that you will be pleased with the results.


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