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Do you have a window on top of a conservatory where other cleaner can’t reach? We use both type of service, traditional or with the Pole System to put a smile on all our customers.

Water Fed Pole Systems have transformed the window cleaning industry. Pure water technology allows windows to be cleaned remarkably well by brushing of the DIRT with a soft bristled brush and at the same time rinsing away the dirt with extremely pure water.

Using this method, windows are left wet; Once dry you will see that the windows are spotless since all minerals and impurities have been removed from the water during the purification process. Using Water fed pole is arguably much quicker than the traditional method, but the main benefit or advantage of using a water fed pole system is that
your frames are clean every time, NO WINDOW IS TOO HIGH OR UNREACHABLE, minimised use of the ladder, reduced hazards and improved privacy.

Cleaning upstairs windows from the ground using a water fed pole means that means we don`t need to be climbing up to the bedroom windows anymore.We can clean all the external of the house including the Fascia, PVC and Conservatoy roof.

Do you have a commercial property to clean, we can reach upto 60ft, that is a 6 level building. We are fully insured and all our staff wear uniform.


Washing with rain

Why does my window cleaner still come in the rain?
First: to keep up to date with the work.
Second: to make sure all their customers get cleaned on time (This is a part of great customer service)

But, does it really matter if windows are cleaned in the rain?
Firstly, if your window cleaner is still cleaning the traditional way (mop and squeegee) the rain will mark the windows after the clean. This is because after cleaning with this method, there will be a film of washing up liquid left behind on the glass. Because of this, dust and grime will stick back on to the glass. When rain falls, the washing up liquid and/or dirt is moved around and is now highly visible because it is no longer uniformly spread. But, if your window cleaner uses the pure water, water fed pole method, there is no dirt or film left on the glass. So if rain falls, there is no movement of dirt or anything on the glass. So the glass is still clean after a whole day of rain after the clean.

Why does rain make my windows dirty?
In short, it doesn’t. Dust and dirt accumulates on the glass from pollen, car exhaust and many other sources. Dust and dirt settles on the glass to create a fine layer covering the glass. When it rains, drops of water make contact with the dirty glass. The dust and dirt is moved around too form dirty marks when the water dries. The dirt is now highly visible because it is no longer uniformly spread, but is now sporadic on the glass.

If your window cleaner is working in the rain, he is not fleecing you out of money, he is just keeping his rounds up to date and this way you receive a reliable service all year round.


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